Mind on Fire

I’ve been on a book buying jag lately.
Nothing like my days out picking thrift stores in Denver when a weekend could harvest anywhere from 40 to 100 books, but more so a selective buying on ebay.
Sword-and-Sorcery material, mostly Howard but certainly others and reference materials as well.
Honestly I’m more excited about my ever growing reference library than anything else.

I continue to move forward with my readings in S&S that started in the spring of 2023 with Lin Carter’s ‘Imaginary Worlds‘ then truly began with the fortunate discovery of Brian Murphy’s ‘Flame and Crimson: A History of Sword-and-Sorcery‘. I lean heavily on Murphy’s book as well as his blog ‘The Silver Key‘ as a guide and have not been disappointed by his insights.
Currently, I’m half way through ‘Flame and Crimson‘, which if one wanted to could be read straight through with relative ease if you’re interested in such things but for a guy like myself there are constant stops for note taking, book marking, outside reading and of course digging out copies or buying new books.
I’ll read something which spurs a question or thought, go looking for an answer, wind up somewhere else or to another author or another book/s, which produces another book/s purchase and on an on it goes…rabbit holes within rabbit holes within rabbit holes.
Some paths are on point with the current topic I’m investigating, then quite suddenly I find a missing piece to something I started in on weeks, months or even years ago and I’m off again.
I’m pulled in all kinds of directions right now and taking in a massive amount of information, my mind is on fire.

Not complaining, at all but ‘Flame and Crimson‘ may be in my ‘Currently Reading‘ page for a looong time.

I am finally undertaking those lofty goals I set out for myself and Neutral Good Books in 2013.

to further explore a lifelong passion of paperback books, the genres of Sci-Fi / Fantasy, games and media; with the intent to ultimately open a bricks and mortar shop and share those passions and ideas with other like minded souls.

Too much time has already been wasted.

Another Summer in a Ditch in Minnesota

As the last remnants of snow melt away and the ice on the lakes begin to break up, spring is FINALLY under way up here.

It’s been a long winter.

And now that the ground has thawed, construction season has started in full which means it’s time for me to get back to work.

7-8 months of long days away from home.

Free time is at a premium and dedicated to other things.

Proxima Fortuna will be on hold-ish until sometime in November when I can give a little time to the little amount of writing I do here.

Many things left unfinished.

Talk with ya after the snow falls.