The Fellowship of the Ring

There are signs of the coming of Fall.
Canadian Geese have lit upon the lake, acorns on 
the Oaks are growing larger and I have a strong 
urge to return to the lands of Middle Earth.

I will not be able to make the entire journey this 
time but that may be just as well.
I certainly wish I could have found the other 2 books but such is the nature of thrift store finds.I will miss my favorite, The Two Towers.

The edition I’m reading is a nice hardcover reader.
Worn just enough to have that seasoned character of a second hand bookbut still remain structurally sound, a book that 
when read doesn’t requite you to fret over the condition…too much.
A goodly aged smell to the pages andthe spine, though ‘cracked’, still holds the pages 
secure and allows for a full opening of the book. Also, a paper dust wrapper with some wear but one that doesn’t disintegrate in your hands every time you handle it.
A good, solid reader.

Normally my reading copies for LotR are the 
Ballantine paperbacks from the sixties but, after 
handling this hardcover from Houghton Mifflin I may switch over?
That sounds sacrilegious for me to think and I will 
certainly not make that statement aloud…I will however, ponder on it.

Regardless, I have set of once again into Middle 
Earth and The War of the Ring…the first part anyway.

Being the First Part of The Lord of the Rings