Ranger / Bookseller
5th Level

The Endless Quest

I have a deep love and passion for the common paperback.
They are important to me as object and at times even outweigh the incredible words and imagery contained between their wrappers.

They are rooted deep in nostalgia for me and command my time, attention and creativity in order to find and place them in the hands of collectors, readers and other odd folk of the paperback.

Neutral Good Books began in Colorado in the late fall 2013 as way for me
to further explore a lifelong passion of paperback books, the genres of Sci-Fi / Fantasy, games and media; with the intent to ultimately open a bricks and mortar shop and share those passions and ideas with other like minded souls.
And, if a living can be eked out along the way, all the better.

In 2020 Neutral Good Books traded the high country of Colorado for the lake country of Minnesota and relocated to the town of Detroit Lakes.

Currently, in search of a modest space to peddle my wares.