Here we are, the second week of February and as promised here, I’m checking in to mark five years.

That’s it really.
I had planned on writing up some quips and observations about the whole thing but that all seems like self-aggrandizing nonsense right now so like the quitter I am, I too shall quit this post.

Always room on this wagon friend.
See ya at ten!


Another Summer in a Ditch in Minnesota

As the last remnants of snow melt away and the ice on the lakes begin to break up, spring is FINALLY under way up here.

It’s been a long winter.

And now that the ground has thawed, construction season has started in full which means it’s time for me to get back to work.

7-8 months of long days away from home.

Free time is at a premium and dedicated to other things.

Proxima Fortuna will be on hold-ish until sometime in November when I can give a little time to the little amount of writing I do here.

Many things left unfinished.

Talk with ya after the snow falls.