Fishes n’ Bitches

Briefly, an update.

A year ago today we arrived in Detroit Lakes, MN.
Everything on hold, nothing certain.

I continued to buy books and other assorted items throughout the year but my intake was a tenth of what I would have normally procured in Denver.
The rural ‘pick’ is a tough slog.
Though certain gems have presented themselves to me the quantity of the finds has been sparse.

We have yet to get Cibado up and running in any sense of the word.
The small amount of leather and tools we brought with us not to mention the lack of a space to work have made it difficult to create a one of a kind hand sewn bag. Cigdem’s frustration with being removed from the creative process, the loss of her studio and work environment along with a rather abrupt change from urban to rural living has been a challenge.
I feel her pain.

We are living in a small studio in DL that we rent on a short term basis.
Nothing special but it’s new, clean and mostly affordable.
While we live here we are actively looking at purchasing a house somewhere in the area.
A place where we can set up a proper studio for Cigdem as well as a place for all our stuff that we left in storage in CO.
Something with acreage and outbuildings would be nice.

I have been at a new, non-tech job for 4 months now. The hours are long and I’m on the road a lot.

Thank God I’m only watching the game, controlling it.

My employer graciously took me in when others would not and saved me from the seemingly only other options I had available which were line jobs at local manufacturing companies.
I’m not sure how I would have handled working the 3rd shift or something more…unfortunate.


I am very thankful to have the job and the benefits and perks are good. I haven’t had a lot of free time to work on books, the website, this blog or to read.

Not complaining, just saying is all. 

Last year will be added to the origin stories of Cibado and Neutral Good Books…hell, maybe it’s their true beginnings.

We are, still in this fight.

Thanks and gratitude to all our friends and family who have supported us in the last year…you damn well know who you are!

Thanks For ALL The Fishes!

A shout out to the following folks who played a very special part in making last year possible: Bill, Sue, Dave and Lori 
Without your short shortsightedness, cowardly actions and chickenshit decisions we may have never escaped the prison we were unknowingly trapped in.

11’s Bitches!