A Soundtrack to Fall

‘Not idly do the leaves of Lorien fall’…The hell you say!

Shortly after returning from our trip to Arkansas at the end  
of August we noticed a marked change in the days here in  
Minnesota, most notably the temperatures.
Though still very mild and pleasant we began to feel Autumn’s  
Looking across the lake at the shoreline I began to see hints of a change in the trees, early adopters were beginning to show color.

As the remaining weeks of summer ticked down to the solstice  
and into an earnest start of Autumn, recreational activities  
on a lake have waned. More and more lake folk have pulled in their docks and boats, including us.Lawn furniture is being put away.North winds off the lake have increased in volume and strength.
Hunter’s shotguns thump in the dawn now, duck season has begun.
The first frost of the year, albeit light, paid us visit last  
Sunday morning.A general quieting around the lake has taken hold.

So with all that and after taking a realistic look at what was happening in our little world we have decided it best to stay here for the winter.
There are many reasons for the decision, far too many for me  
to talk to here and honestly, I’m exhausted from thinking  
through it at this point.
So, like all the other unplanned and unexpected things this  
year we are excepting it and planning to use this time to our  
There are a lot of things that have been neglected over the years that simply needed time to sort through.
We now have that time and by all graces a place to live rent free.

That said, we are making a quick run back to Denver to pick up much needed winter gear and clothing, and a restock of essential items that are difficult to find, expensive to purchase or are out right unavailable in this area.
We’re also bringing back items to keep ourselves occupied,  
work that can be done indoors, more books to read and a puzzle or six.
We will drive back a vehicle we left there in storage, to have a second car…just in case.

I’m not sure how I feel about any of this, it may be a real  
bummer being back there again and quickly leaving it…again.

This year, man…bane or boon?

* * *

Fall: an apt descriptor

Now, back from Denver we return to the chores of winterizing and getting ready for it all.
Part of those chores is the raking of the leaves, and more leaves and still more leaves.
It’s honest work, enjoyable in a fashion and gives me time to  
think about stuff and nonsense, notably my age and the aches  
and pains that no longer go away with a nights sleep.

Normally I don’t listen to music when I’m outside but the last
few days I’ve put on the headphones and got lost in my choice
of music.
I recently acquired the sound tracks for Record of Lodoss War,
physical media of course, 3 CDs, of which I quickly ripped down
to mp3 so I could listen to on my phone.
I know there’s something impractical about that whole process
but for the life of me I can’t figure out what.

RoLW was one of the first, if not the first ‘Japanimation’ I watched and it really left a mark on me. It’s still one of my favorites.
A fine soundtrack that pairs nicely with fall yard work.
Of particular note,’Parn’s Theme ~ Warm Friendship’ from
Volume 1.
I love the scene where Parn and Etoh are reunited in the 2nd episode and this piece is played.
If you don’t know it, maybe…you…should…watch it?


* * *

King of The Woods

The following day I began a second round of leafing and queued
up another fall favorite of mine, Korpiklaani’s ‘Korven Kuningas’.

I’m not sure what those boys are singing about but I sing  
along as best I can, making up invented ‘Finnish sounding’ words as I go along.
That got me thinking about a time I listened to this album
and made up my own titles for all the songs.
Whatever spoke to me from the music or whatever I felt got  
jotted down as it’s new title.
Honestly I didn’t know, still don’t, the actual title names as most of them are in Finnish.

Below are the actual titles vs. mine.Number 3, ‘Keep on Galloping’ I titled ‘Kyraath’ which is my friend’s gaming name. I’ve always associate that song with  
him…blasting it as we drove into the CO Ren Fest parking lotmay be the reason.
The rest are fairly straight forward with the exception of one more made up word ‘Myupching’. Not clear on that one but, there ya go.

Surprisingly, I was damn close with what I called ‘Northern  

I’m really not the type of person who knows every song title or band members name anyways, even with bands I listen to a lot.
Hell, I’d be hard pressed to name song titles from The Sword with any accuracy…and those are in English for fuck’s sake…and I LOVE The Sword’s work!

‘Born a Ghost’
Some guy in a band I listen to.

Anyway, I dig Korpiklaani and Korven may be my favorite by them.

* * *

The RoLW soundtracks and Korpiklaani have been good company and no doubt over the course of the next few weeks there  
will be others I listen to and may make note of.
Eventually I’ll get a majority of the leaves raked up,  
call it quits and get ready for the next thing to be moved off 
the ground.
Which reminds me, I need to get the snow blower tuned up but  

What shall I be listening to when the snow falls?

Does that question really need to be asked?

Winter’s Wolves…I know that one bitches!
Bring It On!