Red Spells of Flame & Woe

I had all but given up on ever owning a cassette from Lost Armor Records.
After many half-assed attempts and late openings of email notices that always resulted in sold out endings, I just quit.
Cassettes are released in very small editions and there is a dedicated fan base that follow the label closely and buy releases very quickly.
I am not that fanatic or dedicated to the cause and therefore eternally late to the release party.
I like Myst’s work but had relegated myself to never actually owning a physical copy.
C’est la vie.

So the other day I checked the junk folder in my junk email account and there’s a notice from Bandcamp that Lost Armor has a new release.

 Now at this point, after almost 2 years of fruitless attempts at nabbing one of these, I would typically delete the email without bothering to open it, there hasn’t really been a point to make the effort.
But this time, out of curiosity I took a look.
It had been sent the evening prior and by the time I had opened it almost 14 hours had passed so, I wasn’t expecting anything when I clicked on the ‘check it out here’ link.
I was completely shocked to not see the ‘Sold Out‘ header which I’m normally greeted with and it took another minute to realize what was happening, a fortunate moment was in front of me, an opportunity to at last own a Lost Armor.

I hit the Buy Cassette link.

Coniferous Myst – Red Spells of Flame & Woe

I’m stoked, it feels like unexpectedly finding a unique piece of gear during a dungeon crawl.

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