Iron Dungeoneer!

The Law of Angband: Iron Dungeoneer!

A challenge to test a your gaming skill within an already difficult game.

Will you find enough food, light and gear to survive this one-way adventure or will you fall victim to the denizens of the dungeon and be swallowed up in the dark.

How deep will you delve?

Iron Dungeoneer! is meant to be played as a one-way trip down to test your skill by only using resources the game provides upon character creation, in dungeon and NOT by upgrades or re-supplies from returning to town.

1. Create a character using the Standard Roller.
   No re-rolls!

2. Buildings in town are off limits.
   Do not buy anything.

3. Do not return to town from the dungeon.

4. Do not use UP stairs.

5. Do not use the Ancestral Memory dialog.

Character Creation:

1. Set ‘Word of Recall’ scroll has no effect

i. Click ‘=’ key > select Birth (difficulty) options > Word of Recall has no effect > yes.

Reason: Prevents a player from returning to town for upgrades and re-supplies.

2. Set Force player descent (never make up stairs)

i. Click ‘=’ key > select Birth (difficulty) options > Force player descent (never make up stairs) > yes.

‘Upwards staircases do not work.
All downward staircases, including the one in town, transport the character one level below the previous maximum depth’.
‘Any status effects that sometimes teleports the character up and sometimes teleports them down will always choose down.’

The Angband Manual

Reason 1: Iron Dungeoneer! is meant to be played as a one-way trip, down.

Reason 2: Prevents a player avoiding a difficult level by exiting using UP stairs, then re-entering using DOWN stairs by resetting its difficulty level. One challenge of Iron Dungeoneer! is playing the level difficulty as generated and making a successful egress by means of game play and skill.

Reason 3: Prevents a player from farming an easier level for loot and experience.

3. Select Race

   i. Any.

4. Select Class

   i. Any.

5. Generate Intrinsic Stats

   i.   Select Standard Roller.
        No Re-Rolls.

   ii.  Accept 1st rolled results.

6. Character Name Generation & History

   i.   Accept first randomly generated name.
        No re-dos for name.
        No edits to name.

   ii.  Accept first randomly generated character history.
        No re-dos of history.
        No edits to history.

7. Accept Results

   i.   ‘Enter’ to accept all randomly generated results.

In Town After Character Creation / Before Entering Dungeon:

1. ALL Buildings Are Off Limits

i. Do not enter or conduct actions or transactions within ANY building. This includes Home.

Reason: The idea is to go into the dungeon with only the items the game has initially generated during character creation.

2. ‘Ancestral Memory’ Dialog Box

i. Turn off, close or minimize ‘Ancestral Memory’ dialog.

Reason: To remove knowledge of creatures that may aid in their defeat. Combat should match a player’s skill and knowledge and not be readily available from previous game sessions.

Enter The Dungeon

1. Permadeath Abides

i. One life, one death, game over.

Godspeed Amperband man!